Hello! I'm Fangyi. 🙌


Born & raised in Taiwan.

I currently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Industrial Design. My primary areas of focus are Industrial design and UI /UX design. ​

As a child, I liked to make my own decorations for my room. It started from small picture frames and bookcases. Then I found out there is a profession which allows one to create stuff to improve lives. That is how I began my journey as an industrial designer. 


While working on academic design projects, I discovered that most product design needs to include the design with the user experience. I have taken several courses in visual communication design and through these, I have built a skill-set in interaction design, motion graphics, and illustration. 

While designing, I like to create not only a solution but also a system, which completes the experience. I aspire to design meaningful and functional products. 


Aside from designing,

I enjoy traveling✈️, eating🤤,  picking up berries 🍓

watching movies 🎬, Disney movies 🐭 and watching Ice Hockey🏒! 


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